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How do i meet male friends from jeddah, saudi arabia?

i want to meet a sensitive appealing friend from arab country, jeddah in particular

How do i meet male friends from jeddah, saudi arabia?
Go there and find him
Reply:here i am
Reply:go to arab
Reply:So, are you male or female?

Do you live in Jeddah? If you don't, can you get there easily?

What do you mean "meet" -- you mean on the Internet? Or face-to-face?

How can we help you if you don't explain yourself?

I'm 22 and don't want to meet my "friends"?

It's more than four years since I graduated from high school, but I still feel like a school kid at times like this. There is a party happening tonight for a friend of mine who's tying the knot soon. Most of my school friends will be there, but I've totally branched out from them so much that I don't like their company anymore. These friends of mine didn't really complete school as they left after the tenth or eleventh grade. They did other studies, got married and have their own families now. They are all comfortably off. And, in the meantime, I carved my own niche of friends and work that I'm comfortable with, and I feel uncomfortable meeting my old friends after such a long time. It's like we have NOTHING in common now. To make matters work, I'm single. A few friends have commented on it in the past, and it really hurt me although I didn't show it. Contrary to what they think, I really am sought after, but I'm picky about my choice of mate. They just see me as a failure. Help!

I'm 22 and don't want to meet my "friends"?
Do you believe in yourself or not? Seems you're quite comfortable with who you are, so why should you care what others, especially people you say you have nothing in common with, think of you?

If you don't go, you're just sorta proving to them that their opinion about you is right. It isn't like you've to continue seein them or anythin, it's just one night. So go, brace yourself for some bitchy comments, but keep your smile in place....have fun, and return to your life after that.
Reply:you should go to the party looking incredibly sexy with an upbeat attitude, and if anyone looks down on you then put them in their place. you shouldnt take crap from anyone. but by the way, if it bothers you when someone says something about you being alone then obviously it bothers you that youre alone.
Reply:if you feel uncomfortable then simply don't go
Reply:.........send them a gold embossed card wishing everybody well for their future's, and an apology for not being able to make it, as your'e sister or someone had just had a cancer operation, and your'e still assisting in their recovery.......
Reply:If you don't want to see your former classmates, then don't.

As far as your being single, who cares what they think? As long as you're happy with being single, don't let what they say, bother you.
Reply:There is absolutely no reason for you to go to this party. People move on after finishing school, and there is nothing wrong with that. I say don't go. Everything you say points me in that direction.
Reply:are you sure that's how they really see you? maybe they are envious of the fact that you have what you rally want, why they may not. but either way, if you don't want to go to this party then don't. why go to this party where you will put on a fake smile, make small talk and act like your having a good time. trust me if you go you will be kicking your self for it later.
Reply:friends are people whom you like to spend more times with them.if you do not have that so they are not friends of yours


who is really your friends are

Wanting to meet new friends with benifits?

in greenville area looking to meet new friend can anyone help me out

Wanting to meet new friends with benifits?
you gotta go our there and find them. i'm sure you will.
Reply:im in pa if you like a friend email me at
Reply:Do what everyone else is doing......use the personals.


How to meet new friends????moved from la to pa...plz help?

im from la(brentwood) hence ive developed the la "attitude" and in la we have our own little groups but here in pa(moved to a little hicktown for work) everyone knows eachother but im interested in meeting guys(in a non sexual way) to party and hang out with. theres plenty of girls cuz they assume im rich(not true but ill take it) but hell im damnnear broke. and everyone considers me ignorant for the way i act.but its how everyone from brentwood anyway any ideas to make some friends(besides be yourself blah blah cuz obviously thats not gonna work)

How to meet new friends????moved from la to pa...plz help?
You can meet some really nice friends in Yahoo game rooms, but don't get too attached to where it may cause problems.

Never go to chat rooms, as I went to a Religious chat room 4 years ago, and I stay away from them!!!
Reply:First of all you shouldn't start off with a negative attitude. Think positive. Think it as a new challenge. Be subtle but dont be so subtle you are un-noticeable. Try to make friends one at a time. Dont' try to make so many at once. Because when you build bonds with one person many more will come. Be patient, it will all work out :]
Reply:horrible...come back!

How did you meet your friends?

Well i want to meet other gay people, but i don't where to look. I was thinking meeting people online, but what am i suppose to say?Am i suppose to say, hey, you want to be my friend?...any suggestions? Thanks

How did you meet your friends?
Some I have known since high school in ye olden days. Others I have met at work or work functions. Most I know from friends of friends or at the pub/club
Reply:Friends?Who needs them...
Reply:one of my friends introduced me to someone i became more friendly with someone and started to follow them around until i got closer
Reply:Be outgoing. I think online is a great thing and why not take advantage of it. Good luck! Be Safe
Reply:I could be your friend. I met a lot of people online. Check out my profile.

Why doesnt my boyfriend want me to meet his friends?

I have been with the same guy for 8 months. He regularly says he loves me and I love him. We both live in a city where we are both not from. He doesn't have a lot of friends here and neither do I yet, but a lot of my friends visit etc, so he's met quite a few of them. However, here's where the problem starts... I have never met ANY of his friends. His home town is only a few hours from here (mine is 1700 miles) and somehow we've met 10 of mine and NONE of his! Now we are finally going to his town next weekend and he's acting all stressed and weird... I don't know what to do.

Why doesnt my boyfriend want me to meet his friends?
it sounds like he's ashamed of you. and he doesn't went you to met any of his friends at all. if he loved you he would've had introduce you to some of his friends by now. and now since you are going to his home town he either has to introduce you lie about you to them. if I were you I would talk to him before go next weekend. good luck.
Reply:well he is either ashamed of you or playn you or probably both i feel sorry for girls like you cuz men think they can walk all over you and play you cuz your too stupid to figure out what the hell is actually goin on
Reply:Could be a number of different things.

A) None of his friends visited

B) He's stressed over seeing friends that he hasnt seen in years.

C) He's embarrassed
Reply:Maybe he's afraid that you'll like one of his friends, or vice versa. Either way, it's nothing to worry about.
Reply:bc he dont want them to met chu. mayb he is embarrassed or something. or dont think ull meet their approval. mayb he is hiding the fact he is with u. who knows. but it aint right
Reply:maybe he's afraid they will embarrass him or you won't like them...tell him that no matter what, you're still together and you will respect his friends! -hope i could help!
Reply:Maybe he's just a little nervous because his friends maybe will make fun of him, it doesnt mean he doesnt love you though, he's just a guy and wants to be kewl, or maybe he thinks you wont like his friends, it's okay, theres nothing wrong with a boyfriend not wanting you to meet his friends so dont worry about it. =]
Reply:He's probably too embarressed by them.
Reply:he hasnt told anyone about you and you may not be the type he usually dates or maybe hes a little embarrased about you... you need to have a talk with with him before you leave for his hometown.... and get some real answers hes hiding you for a reason and you may opt out if you know what it is
Reply:That's because you are the other woman!! Silly don't you watch sex in the city?????
Reply:Maybe he is worried what you may think of his friends or is concerned because he doesn't really have any. I think he may also be concerned that you may look at him in a different way when you meet his friends. I would ask him why is is so stressed and what ever he has to say will not bother you.
Reply:Unfortunately, there may be something about you that he doesn't want his friends to see/know.
Reply:Maybe he had an old girl back home and he is stressed you will be jeolous or something. Or maybe he still has feelings for his old girl.
Reply:He probably a jealous guy so he dont want you talking to other males.simple
Reply:Probably he has skeletons in his closet and is afraid they will come out from his friends? maybe he had sex with animals or drank urine at parties who knows?
Reply:Pass rep, image problem in the past to what he is realy like with you thou he aches to be mith you may swerve the other way, fear of lossing you for the friends miss steps in life, and may just may in thy eye know it maybe a controle issue to keep you out of the light of somthing you should maybe know and been or be told.... If it's the parents hey in-laws do know more about there kid then most close friends so keep that presher in knowing who he was so you can help build in who he wants to become if you want this mans life. He may not have friends like you or I he may of had ac:u:ant:en:ces and others in town just don't care and dose not want to lose his masculent protrayal that you love about him making him look weak in front of you...

Good Luck in Your Findings

Your operatic grasshopper

Reply:he seems scared of what you will think...

be open minded, about the new kids
Reply:Maybe his friends are 'geeks' and he's embarrassed for you to meet them. There's not too much you can do but maybe tell him you're excited to meet his friends, they're probably great people and lots of fun just like him.
Reply:there is proably a very good reason he doesnt

want you to meet his friends. here are just a couple hypothetical reasons:

a. there is something that his friends know about him that he doesnt want you to know about and hes afraid they'll spill the beans.

b. hes afraid his friends wont approve, or will treat him differently or something of that sort.

c. he might have something in his past that his friends know about but you dont and once again there is that fear that they will spill the beans.

in any case you need to confront him and ask him why

hes edgy about this. why he doesnt want you to meet people

that he calls friends. be supportive of him but dont back off.

tell him if he cant at least explain why he doesnt want you to meet him, ask him to tell you when he's comfertable in time.

but after 8 months i think he should have told you.

you need an answer, but be careful and gentle. you dont know

what skeletons he has in his closet and if they are painful

you dont want to pry. but tell him ultimatly that

He needs to be the one to tell you anything, you would much rather hear it from him than his friends.
Reply:my boyfriend is the same way.

he might not want you to meet his friends incase they don't like you or you don't like them, which could cause problems in the relationship.

his friend could be like "awe this girls a total bummer i dont see why your with her, you could do so much better" and that would put him in an awkward position because they ARE his friends and you ARE his girlfriend.

or you could be like "wow these are your friends? i dont see how, you are definitely not like them" and he might feel offended.

or maybe hes scared his friends with think your a total babe and want to steal you away from him ;)

ahaha you just never know.
Reply:just play along. maybe he's relizing sence you've been dating for a while you should meet his friends and possible family. he just wants to make sure your comfortable meeting and gettting along with his best friends.
Reply:hes either really jealous for them to meet u and maybe scared to lose u or hes ashamed....i would demand an answer why or he isnt worth it
Reply:i think his afraid what you might think of his friends
Reply:Maybe they are queers..possiblity he doesn't have any friends hehe.
Reply:Maybe he is hiding something...or he's ashamed..why don't you sit down and speak with him.
Reply:I'd ask him why you haven't seen any of his friends. There's got to be a reason behind why and after 8 months it better be a good reason. Almost seems like he's embarrassed for his friends to see you and if that's the case, dump him.

Im really scared to meet his friends.!?


the guy that im going out with now, i went out with him a year ago.

i met his friends(some of them) before like when we last went out.

and i feel like i totally made a fool outta myself.(it was at a skating rink and i fell on my butt and barly tlked half the time cause im really shy meeting new people.)

so this time we are all going to a corn maze.

its his friends and their girlfriends and different ones from the rink.

they all go to school together.

i feel like im gonna be the odd man out as it is. and then im always just quiet.

i wish i could be myself when im around them and make a good impression. im just really scared and nervous cause i dont wanna feel uncomfortable and like be quiet the whole time.

so what can i do to not be so worried and nervous and to be smooth about it.?


Im really scared to meet his friends.!?
I know just how you feel. My b/f has really different friends and they all act stupid when they get together. What I do is just back away and be perfectly polite. Don't sugar coat anything, but be really nice and nothing can go wrong.
Reply:ya i went through this last was a bit awkward i must admit only cuz i didnt really know anyone or what they were talking about, but the guy i was with was nice enough to bring me in on the convo and let me know what they were talking about and asking my opinion on a really shy girl so most of the time i was just quietly sitting there, but whenever a topic came up that i could put my input in, i just look out for those moments and don't be shy when they arise...don't assume they think you're wierd or stupid or whatever cuz that's what i tend to do...just be confident and offer your opinion and be nice and im sure you will be fine...overall, just have a good time...if a moment should arise where you have been sitting quietly for too long and you start feeling wierd, just like pick up your phone and text message a friend or call someone and excuse yourself or something just to occupy yourself and show them that you're not just bored out of your mind around yourself, have a good time

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